Tune of the month


We usually start the session with some of these fairly easy tunes to warm up… like Bear Dance, Hunt the Squirrel, Kafouzalem, Lucy Farr’s, Rusty Gully, Spirit of the Dance, Salmon Tails and Clare Reel – and indeed we are happy to play whichever tunes on this website that you have been practising. The tune of the month is just a way to have at least one tune that we’ve all been working on. If you’d like to listen to all the tunes, there is now a playlist on Youtube!

3.30pm at The Jericho Tavern  upstairs room, Walton St, Oxford, OX2 6AE

Buy a drink (or food) from the bar and bring it upstairs.

Slow session date Tune of the month
3rd November 2019 Spootiskerry
6th October 2019 Johsefin’s Waltz
1st September 2019 Hole in the Hedge
4th August 2019 (back to 3.30pm) Calum’s Road
7th July 2019 (NB 2pm) Paddy Fahy’s reel
2nd June 2019 Tell her I will (aka Gallagher’s Frolics)
5th May 2019 (back in Jericho) Tell her I am
27th April 2019 in Royal Oak pub any tunes on the list…
7th April 2019 Jimmy Allen
3rd March 2019 Farewell to Nigg
3rd February 2019 The Sloe
6th January 2019
(back in Jericho Tavern)
Da Lounge Bar
2nd December 2018
(NB in The Chequers Pub)
Snug in a Blanket and the Bitter Withy
4th November 2018 Denis Murphy’s Polka
7th October 2018 The Frost is All Over and Rose in the Heather
2nd September 2018 Claire Connor’s Lament
5th August 2018 The Hut on Staffin Island
1st July 2018 Flatworld
3rd June 2018 The Hills of Kaitoke
6th May 2018 Tommy Peoples’s reel
22nd April 2018 (in the Chequer’s Pub as part of Oxford Folk Weekend free events) Soldier’s Joy
1st April 2018 (Easter day) La Sansonette
4th March 2018 Poules Huppées and Kerr’s Jig
4th February 2018 Tongadale Reel
7th January 2018 The Night Poor Larry was Stretched
26th November 2017 (December session a week early! back in Jericho Tavern)  Ille Bhig
5th November 2017 (venue for November – Chequers Pub) You’ve been a long time away Willy Gray
1st October 2017 The Frost is All Over
3rd September 2017 Cavers of Kirkcudbright
12th August 2017
(NB SATURDAY 2.30pm for August only)
Harvest Home
2nd July 2017 Bert MacKenzie’s Birthday Waltz
4th June 2017 Seven Stars
7th May 2017 Keel Row
2nd April 2017 Four-Up Hornpipe
5th March 2017 The Kesh Jig
5th February 2017 Rights of Man
1st January 2017 Scottish theme (see below)
4th December 2016 Brenda Stubbert’s
6th November 2016 Salmon Tails
2nd October 2016 Drowsy Maggie
11th September 2016 Jump at the Sun
7th August 2016 Calliope House
3rd July 2016 Rose in the Heather
5th June 2016 John Ryan’s Polka
1st May 2016 May Mazurka
3rd April 2016 Pearl Wedding in D
6th March 2016 Hut on Staffin Island
7th February 2016 Rights of Man
3rd January 2016 Girl with a Blue Dress on
6th December 2015 Bitter Withy, God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman and  I Saw Three Ships
1st November 2015 Calliope House
4th October 2015 Rights of Man
6th September 2015 Lucy Farr’s
2nd August 2015 Tongadale
5th July 2015 Trip to Pakistan
7th June 2015 Galtee Hunt
3rd May 2015 Pearl Wedding in G
5th April 2015 (Easter Day) NO SLOW SESSION
1st March 2015 Keel Row
1st February 2015 Kerfunken Jig
4th January 2015 Dr Letcher’s Favourite (aka Mounthills)
7th December 2014 Hole in the Hedge and Hunt the Squirrel
2nd November 2014 Clare Connor’s Lament
5th October 2014 Booley House
7th September 2014 Planxty Irwin
3rd August 2014 May Mazurka
6th July 2014 Butterfly
1st June 2014 Poules Huppées (Crested Hens)
4th May 2014 The Night Poor Larry was Stretched
6th April 2014 The Lily
2nd March 2014 The Clare Reel
2nd February 2014 Rusty Gully
5th January 2014 Bear Dance

For those who would like to have a list of our tunes by origin, I think they can roughly be grouped like this:
(NB really good tunes travel well and are sometimes naturalised by their new players. But if you feel you need to know which tunes to play in an “irish session” or “scottish session” and so on, perhaps this might be useful.)

Scottish (or mostly so)

Bert Mackenzie’s 70th Birthday Waltz
Brenda Stubbert’s reel (really Nova Scotia but often appropriated by Scotland too)
Calliope House
Calum’s Road
Cavers of Kirkcudbright
Farewell to Nigg
Hut on Staffin Island
Ille Bhig
Jenny Dang the Weaver
Trip to Pakistan

Irish (or mostly so)

Clare Reel
Do You Love an Apple?
Denis Murphy’s Polka
Drowsy Maggie
The Frost is All Over
Galtee Hunt
Hole in the Hedge
John Ryan’s Polka
Lucy Farr’s
The Night Poor Larry was Stretched
Paddy Fahy’s reel
Rights of Man
Rose in the Heather
Tell her I am
Tell her I will
Tommy People’s reel


2 thoughts on “Tune of the month

  1. I’d like very much to come to the slow session on 4th January, is it possible to provide Dr Letcher’s Favourite (and any others) in alto clef for viola, as I’m not great at reading treble clef?? I don’t know how easy or difficult this is to do, but thought I’d ask! – Alison (viola)

    • Dear Alison,
      I’ve transposed Dr Letcher’s favourite and posted it up on that page. There three other tunes I’ve already done for the alto clef, so I’ve created a file with these four tunes together and put it on the ‘All tunes for printing’ page.

      I hope this helps!

      I can transpose tunes but it just takes a little while. I do have one book of folk tunes in the alto clef, but mostly I’ve found tunes in the treble so I usually follow those (very slowly) until I can hear the tune and then learn it off by heart. It is lovely once you’ve got it in your head, but it does take some patience (well, for me). Anyway, have fun with these tunes (I think Paddy Fahey is a bit impossible on the viola) and let me know if there are others you’d like to learn.

      Best wishes,

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