The Good Natured Man

After having learned to play the Brown Coffin, it became a little irresistible to learn the tune that Martin Hayes plays after; The Good Natured Man, especially when it is a good deal easier to play and in F rather than G minor. There are quite a few playings of the Good Natured Man on YouTube, but I’m afraid it is often played in G rather than F (according to and switching between these two is not that easy. However, it is nice to have a tune in F (we don’t have many), and it follows the Brown Coffin so nicely that I’ve stuck to F. My apologies to the whistles. But Martin Hayes’s tutorial is really excellent. There is some debate on about whether this tune should be attributed to a Gateshead resident musician James Hill (c 1811-1853) or George Spencer (c 1831) so I’ve not attributed it to either, but it is popular in the North East and known there as the Steamboat Hornpipe.

Martin Hayes playing it after the Brown Coffin
Martin Hayes tutorial for the Good Natured Man
Mandolin and Double Bass
Bouzouki and concertina

The pdf is here