Hut on Staffin Island

Noah taught me this tune (he’d learned it from Jane a while ago) because it’s easier than you first think and it’s often played as a slow reel. We’ve listened mostly to Kathryn Tickell playing it on her album, Debatable Lands, but unfortunately I can’t find her playing it on Youtube. There are lots of other good recordings however, including it’s author, Phil Cunningham playing it on one of the Transatlantic Sessions. I think it is useful to hear a variety of ways of playing it so perhaps try these too:
Solo Fiddle
Mini banjo? banjuke?
And Ray has made a video of the Hut with a recording of Ray and Suke playing (not very fast)

And here’s the pdf.

Hut on Staffin Island


And transposed up an octave for flautists… (Hut in Staffin Island pdf)

Hut on Staffin Island for flute