Lucy Farr’s

I first heard Lucy Farr’s played by Martin Hayes and assumed that it was tricky to learn. Jane was kind enough to write it out for me, and my thanks also to Jo for providing some chords. I only started to learn it once school was over and I needed a summer project – or so I thought… it turns out to be much easier than I expected… I hope you find it so too.

I think it is an excellent tune for our Slow Session because it isn’t difficult, doesn’t require a large range of notes and doesn’t have to be played particularly fast. It can be played on a banjo, a fiddle and a concertina. My favourite is Kris Drever from Lau playing it on a guitar. I think we should aim to incorporate some of these variations in our playing..

And you can hear Lucy Farr herself on Youtube (although not playing this tune).

And click here for Lucy Farr’s pdf.


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