Da (Lerwick) Lounge Bar

Da Lounge Bar is a tune named after the famous bar in Lerwick, Shetland so we often call it the Lerwick Lounge, but it’s official name is Da Lounge Bar and it’s written by a Norwegian fiddler called Annlaug Børsheim. I recently had an opportunity to visit Shetland… Unfortunately I didn’t manage to see the inside (next time!), but below is a pic of the famous session bar.

Our teacher, Jane Griffiths, heard this in on holiday in Scotland and then taught us this fantastic tune. It’s often played quite slowly, but it can be played faster too. It’s one of those tunes that has a great rhythmic feel as well as such a good melody. Hats off to Annlaug Borsheim for composing such an excellent tune. And big thanks to Jon Fletcher (as ever!) for chords and tab notation below.

And the really good news is that you can watch her perform it on Youtube, as well as a few other good performances too:

Annlaug Børsheim with Rannveig Djønne
Annlaug Børsheim with Rannveig Djønne (but starting Da Lounge Bar at 4.30mins)

Fiddle and Cello (Big Fiddle Little Fiddle)
Nyckelharpa (Johan Hedin) and Cittern (Esbjörn Hazelius) (starting at 1.57mins)
Flute and guitar
Very slowly on fiddle (although a little faster third time through)
Fiddle and guitar
The Good Tune (following their great guitar work, Jon Fletcher gave me the guitar tab (see below) to play the melody and chords together, with the lowest string on the guitar tuned to a D.

pdf here

And pdf of tabs with chords here


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