Bonnie Kate

Jim and Taube recommended this tune… it’s a new one for me and I’m hoping to learn it by July…

Jim’s website has a useful place where you can hear it at slower speeds (played by a computer) which is useful for learning it by ear. (Click on link here).

Confusingly, there are two tunes called Bonnie Kate – one is an Irish tune (eg. Katie Henderson playing it on youtube) and another is an English morris tune. They are quite quite different. The one we’re going to learn is the Morris tune and here’s Lester Bailey playing it on his melodeon.

No doubt, we can start by playing it slower!


2018 ps
I wrote a page for Bonnie Kate in our first year of the slow session (2014) and I’ve finally got another youtube suggestion for it!
(I’ve taken to adding more links for the newer tunes but in the early days, I thought one was enough)
Richard Davis (Alex’s uncle) playing it on the melodeon (at 1.20mins in).

And the pdf is here.


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