The Hills of Kaitoke

Last year (2017), our favourite album was Abyss by Talisk. And one of my favourite tracks was The Hills which featured an arrangement of The Hills of Kaitoke by Catherine Fraser. Jane transcribed the tune for me and I’ve really enjoyed playing it – although be warned, the first and second time bars need a little attention or you find yourself repeating the wrong part.

Catherine Fraser runs the Southern Hemisphere International School of Scottish Fiddle (SHISSF) and you can hear the Hills of Kaitoke played in the background at the start and end of the video about the school.

I haven’t managed to find a video of Catherine Fraser playing The Hills of Kaitoke, but here’s a great one of her trio. And if you look down to the comments below, there’s a link to a recording of Catherine playing Hills of Kaitoke on her album (but no film).

We heard (and transcribed The Hills) from Talisk who were filmed playing it in Paisley

And you can hear The Hills of Kaitoke played in this session in Aberdeen.

Link to pdf

Simon has returned to New Zealand during Covid pandemic and has visited the Hills of Kaitoke and sent pictures…

Sign to Kaitoke

and the Hills of Kaitoke:

Kaitoke Hills

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