Kerfunken Jig

After our success with The Frost is All Over, I thought we might enjoy this jig.

Looking for recordings on Youtube, I found this one from a pub in St Albans, but it takes a long time to get going – so fast forward to 1.40. But this video of Mark Sullivan is probably the clearest and at a good pace. Martin Hayes has recorded it on his album The Lonesome Touch, which is where I’ve listened to it most but I can’t find a recording of him playing it live on youtube.

I’ve found some chords for Kerfunken in Paul Hardy’s Tunebook which I found at, but they are as yet untested… I hope we manage to try them out soon. I’ve updated (Feb 2016) the chords – with a few changes – but I think it still needs more playing to see whether this works.

Fortunately The Good Tune have made an excellent recording of Kerfunken that I recommend.

Pdf is here.


Here’s Kerfunken (pdf here) in the alto clef and the b-part transposed an octave down to make it easier for viola and tenors…

Kerfunken (viola)




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