Inisheer is one of those beautiful tunes that you’ve heard at many sessions and thought I ought to play that! Especially since it isn’t too fast and has some internal repeats, it isn’t too hard to learn either. However, do watch out because its starts with the same three notes as Johsefin’s waltz and it’s also a waltz so you need to have some way to remember which way to go.

Written by the Dubliner, Thomas Walsh, in the 1970s, Inisheer has evolved over time and sessions so there are quite a few versions around. I persuaded Jane to write down the version she knows for me and I’ve also recorded her playing it.

David is keen on the version with the B part longer, so not repeated, so I’ve also included that here (see below) and you can play either version. It’s nice to hear them together, so pick whichever you prefer. I think David’s version is likely to be the older and more played version.

This is a tune that works well with harmony, so Jane wrote me a harmony part if you would like to play that (see below).

Here’s the pdf
And the pdf of David’s version

And a recording of Jane playing it slowly

And a recording of Jane and Noah playing it and adding harmonies and variations


Nice recordings on youtube:
Swedish music class (David’s version)
Thomas Walsh playing (B part is the first part of David’s version but repeated)
And another recording of Thomas Walsh playing (same B part)
Nice accordion playing
Lovely guitar
Banjo playing David’s version
Two violins (Clare and Matt Tarling) and guitar showing wonderful harmonies
Useful fiddle tutorial
Trio Elatha (violin, cello & guitar)
Uillean pipes, violin and guitar (David’s version)
Grumpy Sheep (violin and guitar) (playing in in 6/8 I think)