How to find us

Since we may be able to play out in the open air for the next few months (weather permitting), I have been testing out locations for both a Zoom connection (via my phone) for those who want or need to stay home and a quiet and non-disturbing place (for others) for us to play at a safe distance from one another outside.

On the 21st June, we tried out a new outdoor venue: Grandpont Nature Park (link to Open Street Map). We were close to the wooden posts that you can just see from the end of the Gasworks bridge (history of the Gasworks here).

Grandpont Park seems to suit people so if the weather is good, we hope to have another session there on Sunday 5th July as well as Zoom session (see the Tune of the month page for zoom link)

If you need to sit to play, please bring a stool or chair. If you need a music stand, please bring it (and clothes pegs to hold music)


Grandpont Park Session

There is a nice bike route to Grandpont Nature Park from north Oxford, down the canal tow path, around the city centre through a bike route that follows Paradise St and then past City of Oxford College of Further Education, across Oxpens, and either across the field beside the Ice rink or the path along the river, until you reach the Gasworks bridge to Grandpont Nature Park (see purple path on this map).







We have also tested out Goose Green  last week, which is just north of Wolvercote Village Hall. It is a mowed recreation ground with a few benches and a little tree shade.

Ray and I tested it out (see pic below) and I asked people sitting at the opposite end of the Green had they heard us and they reported that they hadn’t! There is some parking between Wolvercote Village Hall and the Plough Inn, but not a great deal so come by bike or bus if you can.

Goose Green

Goose Green (see bench at far end)


Ray playing in Goose Green

Ray playing in Goose Green


Our usual venue is the upstairs room in the Jericho Tavern at 3.30pm.

The full address of the Jericho Tavern is:

56 Walton Street
Jericho, Oxford
Oxfordshire, OX2 6AE

You can walk to the Jericho Tavern from the Oxford railway station (in purple on map) by going behind the Saïd Business Centre, left along Rewley Road, and then down to the towpath along the canal. When you get to the bridge across the canal, cross over and walk west towards Walton Street and you will find the Jericho Tavern (10 mins walk).

You can walk to the Jericho Tavern from the Oxford bus station (in pink on map) by taking the exit from the bus station to the north west onto Worcester Place, then walking along Walton Street until you reach the Jericho Tavern.

The Jericho Tavern is right next door to the local Phoenix Picturehouse Cinema if you need to ask for directions.


The Jericho Tavern also has a restaurant (and both inside and outside places to sit and eat) and  they have a varied menu for Sunday lunch, and our very favourite brownies with vanilla ice cream.

There are some local parking spaces and pay and display parking on Walton Street but not a great deal of free parking. More Information on Parkopedia.

I recommend looking on Leckford Road (Woodstock Road end), Warnborough Road and Farndon Road which all have some parking spaces without restrictions on Sundays (and usually some free space). (see map below)

If you need to drop off an instrument (e.g. a harp) and then find parking, please do text me on 0770 9352834. We are in the pub beforehand having lunch and happy to help.


Parking map




And if we need to return to the lovely Chequers pub in the centre of Oxford:

Info on Chequers Pub

upstairs in The Chequers Pub.

The address of The Chequers Pub is:   131 High St, Oxford OX1 4DH



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