Three new tunes and session updates

Two easy tunes (Maiden Lane and Black Joke) to compensate one tricky tune (Maghera Mountain) but plenty of time to learn them.

And I think there is a session at the Florence Park bandstand from 4pm on Sunday (tomorrow) and also (or after) another Euro-plus (which seems to mean almost anything goes) session at the White House (downstairs) from about 4.30pm. And next Sunday at 3.30pm, our Slow Session greets July with the Good Natured Man! Hope to see you soon.

Happy June and a request

Dear Slow Sessionistas,

Happy June!

We have a session on Sunday 5th June (if you are not celebrating elsewhere) and if you’re not in Oxford, you can also join on zoom, but its much nicer if you can join us upstairs in the White House pub on Abingdon Road!

Our tune of the month for June is the lovely Billy Malley’s Schottische:

We also have received a request to join in with Make Music Day (see flyer attached)… which is Tuesday 21st June from 10am to 4pm…

I’ve asked if we might have a late slot (ie 3.30pm) as I thought that might prove easier… but do I have any volunteers who are able to come and play (possibly in the library?) at 3.30pm on a Tuesday? Do let me know by email or on Sunday. I will be asking! I’m hoping that by then we will have a Noah back in Oxford so we shouldn’t sound too awful! Is it a good excuse to ask for some time off work or school?

Meanwhile, I’m hoping to add some more tunes to the website as we have quite a few suggestions in the pipeline… but this month is just proving a little busier than I expected!

How to find us:

Join by zoom link:

Happy June and hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,


More sessions…

The forecast looks good for tomorrow, so come and join us at the Florence Park Bandstand at 4pm!

Sunday 22nd May 4pm (til about 6pm)

And next week, Sunday 29th May, the Europlus session is happening at the White House pub at 4.30pm…

And the week after that, Sunday 5th June, the Slow Session will be happening upstairs in the White House pub from 3.30pm.

Do join in.

Best wishes,


4pm Florence Park Bandstand Sunday 15th May

Tomorrow is the third Sunday of the month, which usually means that Louis is hosting a Sunday afternoon session in the White House Pub, but he appears to be laid low so I’m not sure what is happening there…

Meanwhile, the sun is shining and although there is rain forecast for tonight, tomorrow looks to be another fine day…

So how about another bandstand session? 

Michael says he will be there from 3.45pm and encourages everyone to come before 4pm (as the cafe sometimes closes at 4pm) if they want refreshments, and I think there will be people playing until 6pm. Last Sunday was pretty popular and very jolly.

There is a car park, although attention to new road planning as some roads are now restricted to only buses.

I hope to see you there!

4pm Florence Park Bandstand Sunday 15th May

Bring an instrument and join in!

Best wishes,


Happy May (almost)

Dear Sessionistas,

Happy May (well, almost!)

I hope you are able to join us on Sunday, upstairs in the White House Pub as usual at 3.30pm
(And back on Zoom too – link below)

I’ve added Mounthills (or Dr Letcher’s Favourite) in G which seems to be a more popular key for it for future use…

And our tune of the month for May is The £42 pound cheque, a classic tune from Planxty

And a good way of revising for the Slow Session tunes is to listen to our new Spotify playlist!

Spotify playlist of most of the Slow Session tunes

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you soon.

Find us in the White House:

Zoom link for session:

If you fancy lunch beforehand, do come and join us in the White House. The food is good!

Best wishes,


0770 935 2834

Hope you are enjoying Oxford Folk Weekend

Dear Sessionistas,

I hope you are enjoying the Folk Weekend:

This is a small reminder that our session is earlier than usual to fit with the festival timetable: we start at 3pm.

Usual place: Upstairs at the White House Pub, 3 til 5pm

If you have time earlier, you might like to visit Louis (who runs the Third Sunday of the month session at the White House) playing in the Ashmolean at 11.30 with Josh and Mitch 


Louis playing with Callum, Cat and Rory in the Covered Market at 12.45pm

I look forward to seeing you at 3pm on Sunday… and perhaps before then at one of the other events!

Best wishes,


Extra sessions and great gigs!

Dear Slow Sessionistas,

April is going to be a busy month…

We have an extra Slow Session as part of the Folk Weekend: 
Sunday 24th April NB early start at 3pm (until 5pm) in the White House pub.

And some other dates for your diary:

Saturday 16th 
Xogera and Owl Light playing at Florence Park Community Centre (7.30pm doors open)

Sunday 17th 
Louis’s session at the White House pub from 4.30pm

Wednesday 20th
Owl Light Trio with the Steph West Trio at the Quaker Meeting House (St Giles) (7pm doors)

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th Oxford Folk Weekend
Lots of sessions, ceilidhs and gigs!
and if you can’t attend the gigs in person, lots are being beamed online:

Saturday 30th April
Cut the Crap Ceilidh (with the Big Canal Band) in aid of the Oxford Rivers Project at 
The Wolvercote Village Hall (7.30pm doors open)


Then we’re back to our first Sunday of the month Slow Session:
Sunday 1st May at the White House Pub at 3.30pm (as usual)

Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,

Another Euro-plus session at 4.30pm Sunday

Ray’s new session at the White House Pub on the 4th Sunday of the month… is happening again on Sunday 27th March at 4.30pm with the focus on Euro/ Scotland /Orkney and Shetland tunes.

If you want to find a list of the Scottish tunes that are on the Slow Session website, scroll to the bottom of the Tune of the month page where there is a list of the tunes that are mostly Irish and a list of the tunes that are mostly Scottish.

Best wishes,