Extra Sunday Sessions…

Michael is organising sessions at 3.30pm at the Florence Park bandstand for the next three Sundays… so do come along and pass the message along…
Best wishes, Suke 

On 9 June 2021 at 14:24:51, Michael Gross (michaelgrr@yahoo.co.uk) wrote:

Dear All, 

the weather forecast is looking glorious for this Sunday, so we could use the Florence Park bandstand for shadow rather than shelter … 

Let’s have a session from 3:30 onwards again, on the theme of anything goes, just come and share your tunes. On the Bank Holiday Monday we played Scandi, French, Galician and Slow Session tunes – the latter two can be read from sheet music I have in my bag. 

Weather permitting I am also aiming to have sessions on the remaining two Sundays in June, 20th and 27th. To save electrons and the patience of list members, I will only send out reminders for those dates to those who have taken part or expressed interest. 



Saturday 3pm – canal moving gig

Jane Griffiths (who has helped me so much from transcribing tunes and teaching me how to play them) has her first gig in over a year… and it moves!

The Owl Light Trio will be playing, courtesy of Towpath productions, on a boat up the canal. They start at 3pm on Saturday 29th May at Bridge 240 at Aristotle Lane and the weather forecast is finally improving!

The gig is free. Hope to see you there! (I’m believe they will move south, so if you’re late, text me on +447709352834 and I’ll let you know where we are)

Oxford Folk Weekend and sessions

This weekend we have the Folk Weekend on in Oxford. Unsurprisingly the concerts are all online but in a variety of forms: lots for free and some paid for.

The sessions are mostly online too… except the Oxford Slow Session which is hybrid: so you can choose. You can come and join us at 2pm in the Bandstand in Florence Park or you can join the zoom session instead (password slowly), whichever suits you better.

The amazing Jane Griffiths is playing with Owl Light Trio as the opener for the Saturday afternoon concert (fortunately just after our session) and there are many other gigs to choose from. The Zoom concerts require payment although you can largely choose how much to pay. There will also be free concerts on the Folk Weekend’s Youtube channel which you can access later, and live concerts on the Folk Weekend’s Facebook page (also free).

Hope you see you this Saturday 17th April at 2pm in one form or another!

New theme for website

WordPress has updated and “retired” the theme which was the basis for the Slow Session website design… Unfortunately the old maxim “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” no longer applies and I had to find a new theme.

After much searching I am hoping that this one is bearable and that you find you can navigate the pages and find the tunes you are looking for… but if any links are not working or any pages looking particularly ropey, please could you tell me: oxfordslowsession2014@gmail.com and I will endeavour to fix it (although my skills are limited) and I will appreciate your help in spotting problems. Fingers crossed it works ok…

Added McCrae’s Delight (in G)

A new tune for the new year: I’ve managed to learn McCrae’s Delight… but in G rather than in D.

It’s a beautiful tune written by Iain MacCrimmon and played by Anna Massie and Mairearad Green (the second of these two Retreat Marches). I hope you like it as much as I do.

In lockdown, I recorded myself playing it and sent it to Ray who has worked out the chords and also recorded an accompaniment (on three different accordions) and so I’ve added the ensemble recording to the page. If you fancy recording yourself playing along, please email me and we can add your recording to the ensemble!