Return to 3.30pm (UK time)

The doodle poll and emails were pretty much all in favour of returning to our old time of 3.30pm. So that’s what we’ll do. I fear it is unlikely that February 2021 will be in-person, but whatever happens, there will be a zoom session as well. Hope to “see” you there!

What time for February’s slow session?

Dear Slow Sessionistas,
We had to move the Slow Session to earlier because Florence Park closes early in the winter… but next month, it doesn’t close until 5.30pm (see photo below) and so we could move back to 3.30pm.
I fear that Covid cases are still rising and so the strong likelihood is that February will be on Zoom again 😦
However, should we meet at 3.30pm or 2pm? Which suits you better?
Please click on this doodle poll to vote (or vote for both if you don’t mind)
(You just type in your name or nickname and then vote for which times you prefer).
Or alternatively, ring me or email me what time works best for you.
Many thanks!
Best wishes,
Keep well everyone.
Best wishes,


Celtic Connections goes online for 2021

And early bird tickets (to ALL the concerts are available for only £30) for a limited time. Online is not as good as live… but for those of us who’ve never managed to get to Glasgow in mid-January, online is better than nothing. And an opportunity to hear Rant, Imar, Talisk, and Mairearad Green and many others.

Added The Musical Priest and Nantwich Fair

I’ve been struggling to make the Tune of the Month page a little easier to read (especially on a mobile)… It is not yet solved, but I hope you find it is a little (emphasis on little) improved.
But better news is that I’ve added The Musical Priest (with lots of links of places to listen to it) and Nantwich Fair (fewer places but a good recording instead). Because it’s taken me a while to add these, I thought we could practice Seven Stars as the next tune of the month, so that we remind ourselves how play it for future pairing with Nantwich Fair.

Glasgow School of Folk (5th & 6th Dec) want to know interest…

The Winter Glasgow School of Folk will be going ahead on the 5th and 6th of December.

To register please visit
It is free to register at eventbrite (just using it to keep track of numbers), but they will be releasing a paypal donate link closer to the event with a suggested donation of £5 per class.

Please don’t worry if you change your mind about which classes you will attend, we will make sure we leave room for some changes.
All classes and sessions will be held over zoom.

Two days of instrumental workshops, sessions and craic for adults hosted over zoom organised and taught by folk musicians

About this Event

Join Calum MacCrimmon (whistle), John Somerville (accordion), Laura-Beth Salter (mandolin) and Adam Sutherland (fiddle) for their second online Glasgow School of Folk.

Over the two days there will be ten 1hr workshops, plus evening sessions hosted over zoom where you can join your tutors for a tune and a dram. Most of the workshops are aimed at specific instruments, but you are welcome to join any of them you like. It is a good opportunity to drop in on a class or tutor you wouldn’t usually get to work with.

We are happy to welcome back Fiona Hunter for another guest scots song workshop, plus a new ‘big tune’ workshop for all participants and tutors.

Please use eventbrite to select the classes you think you might attend (it is no problem if you change your mind, it is just so we can keep track of numbers). The course runs on a suggested donation of £5 per workshop attended, and a paypal link will be made available for this closer to the time.

Added new tune: Seamus Cooley’s Jig

We have a new tune: Seamus Cooley’s Jig which is lovely, and also some new pages…

One about learning to play and more importantly, one about our Covid precautions if you are able to come along to the outside sessions.

Also don’t forget that Friday 2nd October is another Bandcamp Friday where you can buy music with no commission (and there are lots of suggestions of who to look up on this previous post) and support your favourite musicians.

It’s bandcamp Friday again!

Bandcamp Friday is an opportunity to support your favourite musicians by buying their music with no agents’ fees:

Can I particularly recommend Jane Griffiths (of the Owl Light Trio) (
who has made this website possible with her help in transcribing tunes and advice
and also Jon Fletcher ( who has provided the chords for the tunes.

See also other artists who have either written or arranged a tune that has appeared here:

Mike Vass (composer of Cavers of Kirkcudbright)
Alasdair Fraser (unfortunately haven’t found his albums recorded with Natlalie Haas here) but you can see more on their website
Martin Hayes (only with Brooklyn Rider on Bandcamp but fine recordings of Hole in the Hedge and Butterfly) (but see play-along videos on his website:
Michael McGoldrick (Farewell to Whalley Range)
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan (see Pearl Wedding)
Sam Sweeney (and his old band Kerfuffle which are not on Bandcamp but his new recordings are here)
Spiro (see You’ve been a Long Time Away Willie Gray)

And others who have inspired us (who I can find on Bandcamp):
Crooked Still
Three Kane Whale
Kevin Burke
Anna Massie
Mairearad Green
and together:
Sarah Jane Summers

The Bandcamp sale ends at midnight Pacific time, which I think is 8am on Saturday.


Added The Orphan Jig and hoping for no rain on Sunday…

I’ve added the Orphan Jig which is a lovely jig played by the Martin Hayes Quartet. I hope you like it too.

And I’m crossing my fingers that the rain stops soon and Oxford dries out a bit for our July session to take place in Grandpont Nature Park (see How to Find us page) and also on Zoom (see link on Tune of the Month page) for those who can’t make it in person.

So keep well and keep practicing! Hope to see you soon in person or via a screen.

Online concerts: Molsky (Friday) and Vasen (Saturday)

Special online gigs:

8.30pm Friday 29th May

Bruce Molsky is an amazing banjo and fiddle player and I’ve only seem him once but I was blown away. He’s been doing a few online gigs but mostly for American time zones, but this one appears to be at a time that we can listen… :
Free with donations to his Paypal account.

Also on Friday (starting 7.30pm) 
Another Kitchen Ceilidh thanks to Oxfolk and Oxford Folk Weekend:


7pm (til 8.15pm) Saturday 30th May

Väsen (who composed Johsefin’s waltz) are playing on Zoom thanks to Oxford Folk Arts. Price according to what you can afford (suggested £14). (You do need to register in advance)