Ray reminded me of this tune. Composed by Andy Cutting, the famous accordionist, who also currently plays with Blowzabella and Leveret, among others, he wrote the tune in E minor for one of his accordions, but plays it in A minor with Blowzabella. It’s much easier to play in Eminor so I’ve stuck with that version.

I had heard it on youtube a long time ago, but then forgotten about it as I found the string crossing a little tricky… but since learning Tommy People’s, my string crossing has much improved and it’s a really pretty tune, so well worth learning.

Fortunately, it’s possible to hear Andy Cutting playing Flatworld (after 3.30mins) and also a little slower by another accordionist. There are many recordings on Youtube, so do post links to others that you like… in the meantime, enjoy the dancing to Flatworld in the session as part of the Oxford Folk Weekend filmed by Michael, or this band with mad hats… or perhaps you might find this on on the mandolin useful for learning the tune and similarly on recorders.

pdf of flatworld