Seven Stars

Simon sensibly suggested that we add Seven Stars to our list of tunes. This jig is often played with Jump at the Sun or Calliope House so we could make a jolly set with it once we’ve learned it a little better.

Also known as “Seven Stars and the Moon”, or the reverse “The Moon and Seven Stars”, it appears to have a long heritage and was, according to, found in Joshua Jackson’s 1798 manuscript of the tunes he played in North Yorkshire.

Seven Stars is now played across the world, with youtube recordings from the States, across England, Ireland and Denmark.. and that’s after only a little research… These are my favourite recordings so far. Do please add more if you find good ones.

Village strings in Michigan
Trio playing in garden
Fantastic fiddle duo (Betsy Branch and David Kaynor) at 1.56min

and pdf here

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