La Sansonette

La Sansonette was written by Dominique Forges who is a professor of traditional music in Nevers Conservatoire in France. He taught the tune to Natalie Haas at a fiddle camp in Spain some years ago (as she recounts on the video below) and then we learnt it from listening to her and Alasdair Fraser playing it on their CD Highlander’s Farewell. It lends itself to some great harmonies and some fun arrangements as you can see from some of the following links.

Lovely playing by Natalie Haas and friends (NB much faster the second time around).

Fantastic recording by Captain Re (no film) recorded back in 1997 although played quite fast.

Accordion playing La Sansonette
Fast on Bagpipes
Natalie Haas at Mike Block’s fiddle camp in Florida… nice arrangement but not great for learning the tune
Nice session playing (unknown location, possibly Spain near Bilbao, Basque country)
Nerys playing her nyckelharpa

Download pdf


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