Drowsy Maggie

Drowsy Maggie is a popular session tune but is mostly played very fast, and so it didn’t seem like an ideal tune for our Slow Session… and then I heard Dave Flynn’s version and thought again. Swung and slow it becomes a whole new animal. Fortunately you can listen (for free) to it here (and it’s available for purchase on itunes).

There are many many videos of the tune on Youtube and several tutorials (eg fiddle tutorial by Suzanne Harner) and after some trawling, my two personal favourites are Athas (as the rhythm brings out some of the swing) and Raborn & Armstrong playing it on a banjo and fiddle.

As always there are several versions floating around, with nineteen of them on www.thesession.org, and I’m still not sure which one this is closest to. Also repeats vary… I think it works best as two A parts and a single B part, but I’m happy to be argued out of this position if anyone is keen for a different structure.

Here’s the pdf.


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