Four-Up Hornpipe

Ray suggested this cute hornpipe. Composed by Barry Goodman (a melodeon player from Hertfordshire), it’s a great tune to swing and syncopate and we might manage some interesting harmonies too…

There are several versions on and a few others played on Youtube… I’ve tried to transcribe one that captures the best rhythm but I’m not sure the dots quite match. No doubt the various versions work well together as harmonies and we will have to experiment with the rhythm to see if we can make it swing. My thanks to Jane (as always) for helping me with the transcription. All errors are mine, however.

In the meantime, a few to listen to:
Wren Music Youth Ensemble (possibly closest to what I’ve written here)
Long End Folk Band (no visual unfortunately)

Best of all, listen to Ray playing Four Up 

And the pdf is here.