Maghera Mountain

My apologies for adding another difficult tune, but once you have learned one tune in G minor, it seems sensible to learn another… (and this one is pronounced M’ara mountain).

This beautiful tune was composed by Martin Hayes, although only recently recorded on an album by him, on his album with the jazz quartet, Brooklyn Rider. Fortunately Hayes has also recorded a tutorial on how to play it on youtube. And there are also many other recordings too. It is a really lovely tune played slowly… but I’m afraid most of these are pretty fast recordings! It is tricky to remember, especially the first and second time bars, but it does grow on you… For those with instrument which you can capo up a third, I’ve also put the music below (Em being easier to play than Gm)

Places to listen:

Martin Hayes’s tutorial
Fergal’s fiddle tune a day
Martin Hayes with Brooklyn Rider
Harp (slightly slower)
Concertina and fiddle (starting at 2.52)
Flute and fiddle (starting at 2.20)
Martin Hayes in concert with Steve Cooney
Cat and Hare band (starting at 2.22)

Pdf here

And in Em for those who can use a capo, pdf here