Montanesa de Lugo

Roger taught me this Galician tune as I thought it was about time we had one. It’s not too hard to play, but finding Youtube recordings have not been easy – there are recordings, but you will find that they vary quite a bit. But that is normal for any good folk tune, there is more than one way to play it! If you would like to learn it by ear or practice playing with another, I recommend using Roger’s recording.

Here’s Roger playing Montanesa do Lugo:

I have found some recordings on Youtube, but they may not follow the notes or be in the same key, but they give you the chance to hear it played and enjoyed. I think the notes were transcribed first by Mano Panforreteiro when he lived in Oxford and passed the tune around the Galician session.

Recorder tutorial
Bagpipe recording
Dancing in the street

You can download the pdf here

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