Since we added Spootiskerry, it seemed only fair to also add Willafjord as it is often played together with Spootiskerry.

According to the discussion on www.thesession.org, Willafjord was a tune that the Shetland Fiddlers learned from their Greenland fishing expeditions and has been played for long time. Apparently, Tom Anderson, who collected the tune, said that to catch the rhythm right, you had to imagine yourself “walking along with one foot in the ditch” to feel the syncopation. I think you’ll find listening to it helps a lot more than trying to read the dots on the page.

Slow recorder playing
Nice mandolin (with Spootiskerry first)
Version swung and guitar tutorial
Fiddle and cello together
Fiddle and guitar not too fast
Great fiddle playing
Banjo and shaker


Pdf of Willafjord