The Millhouse

It is hard not to be a fan of Talisk, but especially when they play a tune slowly (before speeding it up!). This is one of those tunes that is very satisfying to play. It has the classic Scottish structure of returning to the end of the A part for the last section of the B part (just like the Hut on Staffin Island, Brenda Stubbert’s, Battle of the Somme, Bert MacKenzie’s or Spootiskerry to name a few). By John Martin of Osian, who then went on to join The Tannahill Weavers, it has really been popularised by Talisk and is pretty popular on Youtube!

Some places to hear The Millhouse:
Talisk (recorded version)
Talisk playing it live
Anders Lillebo Trio (fiddle, accordion, guitar)
Fiddle and accordion (starting at 1.36 min)
Tin whistle and guitar
Solo violin (slow)

Pdf here