250 to Vigo

Angus R Grant (1967-2016), the founding fiddler of Shooglenifty, wrote this tune about his time travelling to Vigo in Galicia, Spain, and we learned it from Alasdair Fraser’s and Natalie Haas’s Skye fiddle camp in 2019. It is not easy to learn by heart but it’s not usually played very fast and it is a great tune, so I think it is worth the effort.

Angus Grant invented “acid croft” and you can see him playing Da Eye Wifey on youtube. I couldn’t find a video of Shooglenifty playing 250 to Vigo, except after his death on what would have been his 50th birthday at Celtic Connections in 2017, and the recording that you can hear on Youtube has Iain McLeod, the mandolin player, on the melody. Shooglenifty still play but with several different members, and you can read more about Angus R Grant in the Scotsman.

Fortunately there are several good recordings of the tune on Youtube as its such fun to play:
Duncan Chisholm (fiddler) but no video
Lunasa (no video)
Band with piper and saxophone

I’ve written it out emphasising the parts that are repeated so that it doesn’t look too long to learn, but if you listen to it, you’ll notice that the A and B parts are repeated before moving on to the C and D (which are played once before returning to the beginning. So in the way it is written below, play each line twice (using the first and second time bars) but repeat the first two staves before moving to the last two on the page. Probably it’s clearer to listen to it rather than rely on my dots to make sense!

Pdf here