Michael Turner’s waltz

According to various sources on YouTube, especially Chris Haigh’s excellent tutorial on Michael Turner’s waltz, this tune was originally written by Mozart (KV536 No.2) before the waltz was a popular dance. In the early nineteenth century (the tune was used in the recent film of Emma 2020), waltzes became popular for dancing and a Sussex church fiddler, Michael Turner (1796-1885) was known to play the tune and it became known as Michael Turner’s waltz.

Janet requested this tune be added to our list and it is quite straightforward to play, and an easy melody to learn so it is likely to become popular. As ever, the version we have may not be exactly the same as others on Youtube, but the variations will probably play nicely together.

Chris Haigh’s tutorial
Another tutorial (also teaching Mounthills, aka Dr Letcher’s Favourite)
Not sure what this instrument is called
Clogging to the tune
Nancy Kerr and Eliza Carthy (starting at 3.35)

pdf is here