Trip to Pakistan

This is one of those really hypnotic tunes that works well fast or slow (and so popular that we play it almost every month – indeed it has now become our regular last tune to finish the session).

Anyway, here’s the pdf and here’s the tune.

You can hear it much enjoyed by the Sarah Burnell band  here (and usefully they start quite slow). But I heard it first played by Alisdair Fraser and Nathalie Haas (see here) and recorded on their album, In the Moment. Here‘s another version played on the guitar and joined with Tongadale. The tune was written by Niall Kenny (flutist) but has been played so much that it has become part of the traditional repertoire. You can hear Kenny playing it at 8.20 on this video. I’ve put Fraser and Haas on the music below because Jane transcribed it for me from their recording. I’ve just found another recording where Niall Kenny starts off playing Lucy Farr’s (quickly) and ends by playing Trip to Pakistan (at 8.24).



















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