Motorway Mazurka

This is one of those tunes that you start singing as soon as you hear it. I have heard it several times in sessions and then was reminded of it by a fiddler on TV, so sought out the notes.

It was written by Jon Swayne (also now a bagpipe maker) of Blowzabella, and here is a recording of Blowzabella playing Motorway Mazurka on their album, Dance. There are also good recordings on Youtube (although not yet found one of Blowzabella) and many people in Oxfordshire know the tune.

Pere Romani (accordion)
Joseph Woods (guitar)
Paul Young (accordion)
Shillelagh (guitar, fiddle and accordion)
Bagpipe and mandolin (starting at 2.36)
Baptiste Loosflet (great banjo playing)

Pdf here