Tell her I am

I’m very delighted to have learned to play this tune as it not only unlocks a lovely tune in itself but also somehow means that I can also play Tell her I will (Gallagher’s Frolics) which I had tried before but never managed to click…

Tell her I am is a lovely three part tune. Most of it is quite straightforward but watch out for the C (the third) part as that is a little tricky. It’s not too hard to play the notes but you have to remember where you are and which bit you are playing.

Fortunately there are many places to hear this lovely tune (and often paired with Gallagher’s Frolics. I’ve chosen the alternative name for Gallagher’s simply so they will fit one after each other on our alphabetical list.


I first heard this played by Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill and you can see them playing it here and hear it on their album Lonesome Touch here.
Hayes and Cahill have a very different way of playing it to Tommy Peoples.
Nice slow mandolin lesson
Fiddle, harp and cello
and Tell her I am is even played in a session in Osaka, Japan (no video sadly, starting at 1.40)


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