The Kesh Jig

In the same week, both Hannah and Noah asked me if we could have the Kesh Jig on the slow session website, so such a coincidence spurred me into action. Certainly, it’s a fairly straightforward jig and a popular tune at many sessions, so it looks like it will end up a good mainstay for us too.

It was made popular by the Bothy Band, and you can see them live still on Youtube. Kevin Burke, who played with the Bothy Band, has made a useful recording here which then becomes a lesson on how to ornament the jig (the whole lesson can be purchased on his website). There are lots of good recordings on Youtube. Here are some of my favourites:

Mandolin (played and then lesson)
Tin whistle and guitar (slow and then again fast)
Accordions (playing Rose in the Heather and then the Kesh)
Dervish and Friends live performance
Pub session (at 1:26 mins)
Harp, flute and others
Pipes and others

You can download the pdf here.