The Musical Priest

Hannah and Simon were taken with this tune, having heard The Dubliners version… It’s usually played very fast, but with a little swing added, it works really well a little slower and once you get to know it, definitely fun to play. Now that I’m using MuseScore, I’ve added some bowing suggestions – the slurs are possible up-bows. They’re only a suggestion – listen to one you like and try to follow that. It appears to be a popular tune as there are lots of good versions on YouTube and a couple of good tutorials too:

Wooden flute (and tutorial)
Fiddle tutorial (all the way through and then phrase by phrase)
Mandolin tutorial (chords and melody)
Tin whistle and guitar (starting at 1.08 mins)
Tin whistle
The Eclectic Celtic Band (starting at 2.55 mins)
Fast fiddle

Pdf link here

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