The Origin of the World

Accordion Peter proposed this lovely tune, and says… “it’s a gorgeous, rather mysterious, looping mazurka by Dave Shepherd of Blowzabella, with a very French/Balfolk feel to it. The long descending arpeggios are really beautiful, as well a complete swine to play (probably very good practice though, humph). It was originally written to be played in Gm (, a key which is completely unplayable on a D/G box, so I think most English box players transpose it to Am or Bm (here’s Paul Young doing it in Bm: Hearing the great Andy Cutting playing this tune a couple of years ago was one of my reasons for wanting to learn the box in the first place – so just being able to bodge my way through it feels like a big milestone! Here’s Andy doing it, unmatchably, in Gm on – I think – a C/F box ( ” 

I can agree that even on a fiddle it is not an easy tune, but beautiful and definitely teaches Em arpeggio as well as the more common D and G major ones, so very useful to put time in to learn it well. And we can play it slowly…

More places to listen

Blowzabella playing it (in Gm)

Paul Young on a G/D melodeon (in Bm) (another recording to the one above)
Accordion (in Am) played by Remco Sietsema
Concertina played by David Hansen
Another accordion (in Bm I think) played by Bernard Jouve

Pdf to download here