Jump at the Sun

It seems strange to be uploading this English tune when I’m in Skye attending Alasdair Fraser’s fiddle course… but Noah taught me this tune just before we set off and I’ve been finding it hard to find the time to upload the tunes and try to find good youtube links.

This tune was composed by the famous English accordionist, John Kirkpatrick in 1971 and now I’ve found the Woodland band playing it in Oregon, USA. In the past forty years, the tune has evolved some… so I have both the original version here and the version acquired in a local session at the Isis Farmhouse. Pick whichever you prefer as they work at the same time.

It’s a fairly popular tune on youtube but the recordings are very variable. If you find some more good ones, please do post them in comments below. This one is probably my favourite arrangement so far, by the King Alfred Cakes. But to learn the tune, it might be easier to follow one of these single instrument playings: nicely played on the banjo or mandolin or guitar (one after the other). It’s a popular dance tune and has been used by the Tribe of Tinkers and the great ceilidh band, Threepenny Bit. And of course, you might like to hear John Kirkpatrick playing it himself (at 7.04mins in).


Pdf original version

Pdf new version