All tunes link for printing

If you would like one pdf document with all the tunes one after another (in alphabetical order), click on the “all tunes” link below and you should download a pdf of all the tunes so far. (You might have to click twice on ‘All tunes’.)

However, I really don’t recommend printing as we now have over 100 tunes… and I keep adding more! At sessions most people find it faster to use the website on a tablet connected to the pub’s wifi (free), and you might find this useful at home. The advantage of printed copies is that you can write on the paper, but I am not sure that helps with memorising the tune.

They’re in alphabetical order (ignoring ‘the’). Most of the ‘All Tunes’ have both treble and bass clef versions.

All tunes (A-Z) in a single pdf file

I’ve transposed a few tunes into the Alto clef, after requests… not very many so far, but available here if you like them all together for printing out. If you would like more, let me know as the recent tunes are easier to convert in musescore.

(So far: Calliope House, Dr Letcher’s Favourite, Galtee Hunt, Kerfunken, Kerr’s Negro Jig, Paddy Fahy’s Reel, Pearl Wedding and Rusty Gully)

One thought on “All tunes link for printing

  1. Thank you SO much for this great resource. I’m just learning to play the fiddle, so a slow session is just right for me. Sadly, our slow session was canceled last year, so I participate in a regular session now, but of course I can only play a few tunes there, if I’m lucky. Still an excellent experience though. After finding this site last night, I’ve learned two tunes so far. Rest assured, I’ll be learning more in the days to come. Thank you!

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