If You Will Not Have Me, then You May Let Me Go

I first heard this tune played by the Owl Light Trio, I think in Oxford and then again at the Gower Folk Festival in 2022. Their recording is not yet out (I will add it when it is) but in the meantime there are plenty of good places to hear this great old 3/2 hornpipe. And many people in Oxford know it as it was played by Bellowhead over ten years ago. So it is a reliable session tune to learn for Oxford sessions.

Places to hear it:
The Good Tune
English Concertina (played by Robin Harrison)
Fiddle (played by Laurel Swift at the Ealing Sessions)
Whistle (played by Sol Loreto-Miller)
Bellowhead at the Oxford Town Hall in 2008 (bit grainy!)

Pdf to download