Jimmy Allen

Our friend Ciaran (who taught Noah his first Irish tune) inspired us to learn this lovely piper’s tune. It is apparently a Rant from Northumberland, much like Salmon Tails, which is a dance that I’m yet to see. I think that is meant to affect our playing of the tune, but I’m not entirely sure how, but I think we’ll have fun as it’s fairly straight-forward and goes well with Salmon Tails.

You can tell it’s a good tune because everyone claims it as their own… I’ve seen it claimed on youtube as a Scottish tune, an Irish tune and even a tune from New England… so it’s spread afar and for long enough to feel at home in many places.

And lots of good examples on YouTube:

Helpful fiddle tutorial
Guitar tutorial (chords and then melody)
Great mandolin playing
Fiddle (after Salmon Tails at 37 secs)
Nice guitar playing melody
Mandolin and guitar

pdf here

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