Tommy Peoples’ Reel

As soon as I heard Martin Hayes new jazz quartet play this classic session tune, I was completely hooked. As always Hayes manages to play it quite fast but with such a gentle and captivating swing that it seems almost slow… but really it’s just unhurried.

Jane, the hero as ever, transcribed the tune in an amazing ten minutes and we’ve all been learning it ever since. It’s short but the fingering on a fiddle is a little tricky but not impossible. Good for practising your string crossings! I’m finding it tricky, but I thought I would put it on the website so that everyone could start practicing it…

Tommy Peoples didn’t write this tune, but it became “his” because he played it often. You can find out more about the legendary fiddle player Tommy Peoples in this documentary and hear Tommy Peoples playing (other tunes) here.

Martin Hayes Quartet playing Tommy People’s
Whistle (and slower after twice through)
Fast by a whole class
Slower on fiddle and guitar
Fiddle tutorial

Pdf to download



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