Farewell to Whalley Range

Concertina Noah found this excellent tune written by Mike McGoldrick: “I’ve actually always been a big fan of Michael McGoldrick (long before starting to play the concertina) and I heard him play a great rendition of the tune with John McCusker and John Doyle at Cambridge folk festival this year which reminded me of its existence and I immediately set about learning it. Also, just generally love a good slip-jig! And the key is nice too.” They also played it at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 2014 which is on Youtube (at 2.10mins).

It’s definitely our first tune in F#minor! It’s short but deceptively difficult because bars are similar but different and it is very easy to speed up before you have it clearly under your fingers. It’s a mesmerising tune, however, and lots of great examples on youtube.

One of the better recordings of Mike McGoldrick playing Farewell to Whalley Range (where he used to live in Manchester) is with Donal Lunny. But there is also Mike playing it with Dezi Donnelly, and with a band.

Being a fiddler, my favourite playing is by Lana Elaine and Louise Bichan on fiddle and accordion.
And this chap manages to accompany himself on a mandolin, banjo and other instruments!
Here’s a low F whistle on its own and a banjo on their own.
Some bands have also played Farewell to Whalley Range:
Sharon Shannon (second tune at 3.10mins)
Kitty has found this not as fast as Mike McGoldrick’s version  on Spotify by 9/8th Irish

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone playing this tune slowly (yet), so we’ll have to start a new trend!

Addendum: Jane played it slowly for me with a slight swing which is really really useful!

pdf here