Rose in the Heather

Jane taught Noah and now, about a year later, Noah has taught me… I think this tune has lots of opportunities for variations… and certainly there are a few ways of writing it. I’ve transcribed what I’ve learnt and it isn’t quite the same as other versions that I’ve seen written.

Unsurprisingly there are lots of ways of playing it… I think there are more videos on Youtube of Rose in the Heather than any other tune that I’ve looked for, so the selection of links are just a few that I thought were useful… but you could while a way a few days hearing many many more… Certainly it looks like the sort of tune that is well known and may export to other sessions very easily.

Nice and steady on Uilleann pipes and not too fast (and goes over it again even slower).
Solo mandolin
Fiddle and Guitar   and Another Fiddle and Guitar
Tin Whistle
Flute and fiddle

Rose in the Heather pdf


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