The Swaggering Jig (aka Give us a drink of water)

Noah and Peter learned this tune from the Bothy Band, who gave the name ‘Give us a drink of water’ to the tune, but apparently the tune’s real name was the Swaggering Jig, both tunes facing each other in the folk tune legendary book of O’Neill’s Music of Ireland. So when you look on Youtube for this tune, you can find two very different tunes played to the name of “Give us a drink of water’ (some being this tune but most not) or you search under the Swaggering Jig and find several renditions of this tune! According to the, this is also a song and so I’ve attached the words to the music (maybe helps with learning the tune??) !

The tune itself is slip jig (ie 9/8) and not too hard and often follows another jig so handy to learn.

Here are some great places to hear it:
Bothy Band (recorded version after The Kesh)
Bothy Band (live)
Fiddle (Fergal Scahill)
Uillean pipes
Solo violin
Flute and tin whistle (Tom Doorley & John O’Brien)

The pdf is here

Sometimes a slip jig is a bit more slippery to learn than a jig, so Jane made me a nice slow recording which is really useful.