Bronwyn Jenkins

This is another fantastic Jane-tune from her and Colin Fletcher’s album,
The Season Field.
Bronwyn Jenkins was composed by Jane and named after Colin’s boat. We have been enjoying this album for many years and during lockdown in January 2021, I heard Noah playing it and thought that sounds fun to play! Fortunately Jane was happy to give me the notes and Colin has sweetly given me both his chords and some simpler chords to play. I haven’t any youtube links to share, but perhaps we shall make some of us playing it slowly…

In the meantime, I’m sure you will enjoy listening to Jane and Colin playing Jonny Ward’s Favourite, Bronwyn Jenkins and Gallagher’s Frolics not slowly but very beautifully. If you would like the whole album, which I heartily recommend, please ask Jane and Colin via their new website of The Owl Light Trio.

And here’s Noah playing it slightly slower.

And the pdf link is here.

And if you want to learn Colin’s chords: