Extra slow session (Sat 27th April in Royal Oak at 3pm)

We are now part of the official Oxford Folk Fringe… and have a slot at the Royal Oak pub on Woodstock Road (opposite Oxford University’s new maths dept) on Saturday 27th April at 3pm (until 6pm).

I hope you all get a chance to join in to this extra session, some of the weekend sessions and perhaps some in May too!

Pics of schedule attached (I’m hoping that downloaded pics from Facebook will work here…) or you can investigate Facebook for more info.



And another three tunes added

Finally, it takes me longer to research, write up and post a tune on the website than it does to learn to play it by heart… and I thought I would make it easier by putting another three on together but there don’t seem to be any economies of scale to be gained.

Despite that moan, I’m delighted to share another three excellent tunes and I look forward to opportunities to play them together. I hope you enjoy them too! Looking forward to seeing you at the start of December in the Chequers (for December only) then back in the Jericho Tavern.

Farewell to Nigg

Da (Lerwick) Lounge Bar

The Sloe

Three new tunes: Denis Murphy’s Polka, Jimmy Allen and Snug in a Blanket

Three new tunes:
Denis Murphy’s Polka,
Jimmy Allen and
Snug in a Blanket

After a lovely summer of learning new tunes, I’ve finally managed the hard graft of putting them on the website and adding some links where they can be heard. If you find other good playings, do please add in the comments on the relevant tune page. And now we have 60 tunes to practice each month! We are going to get even better….


New tune: Flatworld

Ray suggested the beautiful tune, Flatworld, and I think we might enjoy it. There are several links to places to hear it on the tune page… and if you find more good ones, please do add a comment of a link. We’ve made it the tune of the month for the 1st of July, so we’ll have to get busy this month!