Gig Tomorrow at Tap Social: Aerialists and Owl Light Trio

The fabulous musicians of the Aerialists (all the way from Toronto) and the Owl Light Trio are playing in the Tap Social Pub on Wednesday 29th January at 7.30pm (doors). Tickets available at

Hope to see you there!


Playlist of tunes (most of them)

I’ve managed to make a playlist on YouTube on most of our Slow Session tunes, so if you feel like familiarising yourself with our tunes (or reminding yourself of old favourites), have a try. They appear as a handy list so that you can scroll through them quite quickly. However, I’ve only put one version of each tune on the list – so if you’d like to see another version be on the list, please email and make an suggestion for an alternative! Hope it’s useful.

Three new tunes added

Two tricky and one easy tune to learn by heart, and all fun to play. I’m hoping that the way I’ve written them out both makes sense and makes them easier to to understand and learn, but I’m not convinced (I have alternatives if necessary!). But listen to the links and enjoy some new tunes and hopefully we’ll get to play them soon.

Farewell to Whalley Range (by Mike McGoldrick)
Spootiskerry (by Ian Burns)
250 to Vigo (by Angus R Grant)