Change of venue for July session: Bandstand!

Dear Slow Sessionistas,

Happy July!

I’m sorry to say that I’ve just learned that we’ve been double booked (or rather a paying party have taken our room at the White House Pub)…

Fortunately the weather forecast is good for Sunday, and I will bring brownies…

So please come to the Florence Park Bandstand for 3.30pm on Sunday 3rd July.

Bring your own drinks, beers, thermos flasks etc. and I will bring vegan brownies.

If you haven’t been to the bandstand before, there are maps and pictures on the How to Find us page (scroll down after White House Pub details). 

The tune of the month for July is the Good Natured Man and there are some new easy tunes for us to try too on the website.

I’m sorry for the short notice and the change of venue, but at least it is summertime.

If you fancy coming earlier, come and join us for take-away lunch from Flo’s cafe. We will be there around 2.30pm.

Best wishes,


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