Extra sessions in July

Dear Sessionistas,

There are many extra sessions this July to join if you fancy some sessions…

Tonight (8th July) 8pm Isis Farmhouse Pub (Iffley Lock)
Bastard English session. Lots of fun. Lots of songs too. And some fast tunes.

Saturday (9th July) from 12midday Jolly Farmers Pub
Queer Open Friendly Folk (see pic). New session. Everyone welcome.

Sunday (10th July) from 4 til about 6pm Bandstand session, Florence Park
Open session. Likely to play a bunch of slow session tunes if slow sessionistas turn up! (I will)

Sunday (17th July) from 4.30pm White House Pub (downstairs)
Louis’s session. Friendly too.

Sunday (24th July) from 4.30pm White House Pub (downstairs)
Europlus session – any non-English tunes depending on who shows up.

Michael is also hosting Bandstand sessions 4-6pm on the 17th and 24th so if you’d rather stay outside and enjoy the fine weather, please join him! He’s also very happy to play Slow Session tunes and he brings music if you need it!

I hope you have a chance to join in on some occasion!

Best wishes,

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