The Carraroe Jig

A year or so ago, Jane suggested this lovely jig to me but I couldn’t connect with it, but recently I learned Out on the Ocean and having listened now to Martin Hayes playing Carraroe into Out on the Ocean, I was grabbed… and took to it in a mystification of my earlier difficulty. Which just proves that even if you think you can’t learn a tune by ear (like me), listening to the tune does make a huge difference to how easy it is to learn.

Of course, I recommend listening to Martin Hayes playing it as it’s lovely, but you might also enjoy some of these other interpretations that I’ve found on youtube. Also from I found a link to where you can hear the earliest recording of Carraroe, from 1931, played by the Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players of East Galway

Fiddle, pipes and guitar
Tin whistle tutorial (from a priest)
Slip Jig Band (also going into Out on the Ocean) (but quite fast)

Download the pdf here