Snug in a Blanket

Noah and I were taught this tune in Skye, at Alasdair Fraser’s July 2018 fiddle camp. Everyone there played it incredibly fast, but actually it is a lovely tune played slow too. And lots of room for ornaments and different styles of playing if you fancy.

I was greatly helped by finding this excellent fiddle tutorial on YouTube, especially because it is played slowly as well as faster. Also I have discovered that Youtube allows you to slow the video down even further…
On a computer: look for the cog sign on the bottom right of the video and click. One of the options is playback speed.
On a mobile: look for the three dots in the top right corner of the video and click on those. One of the options that then appears is the playback speed.

There are some good versions on YouTube on a variety of instruments:

On the Uilleann pipes
Harp and guitar
Flute, pipes and guitar
Slightly different version on mandolin
Fast on the flute

pdf here


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