Harvest Home

Kievan first played us Harvest Home and it seemed a good tune to add to our collection. When I first heard it, I assumed it was a popular English folk tune, but I’ve discovered it’s an Irish hornpipe also known as the Cork Hornpipe (and some other aliases). It’s very jolly and fun to play which probably explains its popularity – and being a popular session tune, there are lots of Youtube examples and lots of Youtube tutorials. It was very hard to know which examples to choose… so here is rather a long list (I tried to slim it down to one per instrument).

Kievan playing Harvest Home
Tin whistle
Hammered dulcimer
Melodeon pair
Guitar (followed by mandolin)
Tenor banjo
5-string banjo (Harvest Home starts at 1.37mins)
Fiddle duet
Family band (with baby asleep on back!) (Harvest Home starts at 1.54 mins)

Links to Youtube tutorials after dots (music) and pdf here.



Youtube tutorials for Harvest Home

Irish flute
Mandolin (same fingering as fiddle)


And some fun videos of the Cork Hornpipe

by the Dubliners
Anita & the Yanks
and a nice sounding session in South Korea




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