Pearl Wedding in G or D

Pearl Wedding is more commonly played in D, but to make life easier for the tenor banjos and violas who come to our slow session, I’ve put it down a fifth. If you are learning it on the fiddle, it’s easy enough to play it on the higher string if you want it back in D.

It’s lovely tune by the Northumbrian Fiddler, Willie Taylor (1916-2000). Superbly (as ever) performed here (at 2:50 mins in) by Nancy Kerr and James Fagan at the Bath Folk Festival. It can be played slower (as we like), and this ensemble play it a little slower (at 1:41 mins).

If you’d prefer to play it in D, I’ve added the music for that too below.

Here’s the pdf.

Pearl WeddinginG


Pearl Wedding in D


Pearl WeddinginD

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