Seamus Cooley’s Jig

It was just a matter of time before we learned to play this tune… and now both Noah (fiddle) and Noah (concertina) requested that we added it to our list… so I’ve learned it too and here it is. For us Martin Hayes fans, it is great pleasure to learn this tune and not only does it go well with Hole in the Hedge but I think it might work with some of our other jigs too. My thanks to Noah (concertina) for writing out the notes and to Jon Fletcher for chord suggestions as usual.

Great places to hear it:

Martin Hayes from his Album Under the Moon (jig starting at 1.47)
Martin Hayes and Steve Cooney (jig starts at 2.40)
Tulla Ceili band (led by Martin Hayes’s father PJ Hayes) (starts at 1 min)
Katie Henderson (sole fiddler)
The Berwick fiddle consort (starts 1.45)
Nicely played on viola by Dai Komatsu BUT IN C Major (not in G)

Pdf here




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