Our Covid precautions

If you are isolating, shielding or fear that you have symptoms, (or live too far away) please join us on Zoom (See Tune of the Month page for Zoom link). I understand that the sound quality is not great on zoom and the speed of the music can also a bit wobbly. I’m sorry this is not great and when you find a better technological solution, please please let me know.

If you feel able to join us, we are meeting Upstairs in the White House Pub which is much nicer and more welcoming than zoom!

However, if you are feeling unwell, please don’t attend.

I am no longer asking people to complete the form below…. But feel free to use it if you want to get in touch!

If you have symptoms in the two days following a session, you need to let me know (email: oxfordslowsession2014@gmail.com or ring 0770 935 2834) so that I can warn other attendees (particularly those who visit vulnerable relatives)… and for this reason, I need to have contact details for all those who attend, so please complete the following form:

I will also try to remember to take a photograph of the session so that we know who was sitting next to whom in case of later reported symptoms.

I have written this Risk Assessment, following guidelines from other musicians meeting to rehearse, and I hope this works for us. If you have suggestions for changing it, please email me at oxfordslowsession2014@gmail.com

Pdf of risk assessment

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