Our Covid precautions

If you are isolating, shielding or fear that you have symptoms, please join us on Zoom (See Tune of the Month page for Zoom link). I understand that the sound quality is not great on zoom, particularly because if the signal from my phone can be a little unsteady, so the speed of the music can also be very wobbly. I’m sorry this is not great and when you find a better technological solution, please please let me know.

Fortunately regulations at present encourage people to meet outdoors, and the bandstand provides good rain cover, so do come if you are able and would like to.

If you feel able to join us, we are meeting outside at the bandstand in Florence Park, Oxford, which has the advantage of giving us shelter from the rain and by providing a roof, improving the sound quality for those who are there.

However, for Covid precautions, it is important that if you have symptoms beforehand, have travelled abroad, met someone with symptoms or have been contacted by NHS track & trace, you don’t attend.

If you have symptoms in the two days following a session, you need to let me know so that I can warn all the other attendees… and for this reason, I need to have contact details for all those who attend the Bandstand in Florence Park, so please complete the following form for each session that you plan to attend:

I will also take a photograph of the session so that we know who was standing next to whom in case of later reported symptoms. Obviously at each session we will not stand closer than 1m (unless in the same household). We will also use hand-sanitiser before and after each session and avoid sharing or touching each other’s instruments.

I have written this Risk Assessment, following guidelines from other musicians meeting to rehearse, and I hope this works for us. If you have suggestions for changing it, please email me at oxfordslowsession2014@gmail.com

Pdf of risk assessment

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