Happy October and some new tunes

A new month and another Slow Session on Sunday at 3.30pm as usual in the White House. I hope you can join us. Some easier tunes for the first hour, a short break and some harder or faster tunes after. The tune of the month is the lovely Galician tune Montanesa de Lugo.

If you can’t make it to Oxford, or you’re not feeling well, you can join us on zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85067985211?pwd=UG9oUmVML0RqRzdqbE9MUXVlRnZvQT09
(But really being in the room together is much more fun and there are brownies!)

I’ve added three more tunes to the website: The Swaggering Jig (which I knew first as Give us a drink of water), Eade Road (by Jo Hamilton of the amazing Xogera) and The Millhouse. I hope you enjoy learning them as much as I have.

Other sessions:
If you are feeling like trying out some of the faster sessions in Oxford, here’s a handy list that Louis put on Facebook the other day:

Every Sunday 8pm: Irish at Half Moon, St Clements
1st Sunday of the month 3:30pm: Slow Session at The White House, Abingdon Road.
1st Sunday 8pm: Old Time/American at The Up In Arms, Marston.
2nd Monday 8pm: Singaround at the Half Moon, sometimes turns into a tunes session if things get too loud.
2nd Friday 8pm: Bastard English Session at the Isis.
3rd Sunday 4:30pm: Open session at The White House, Abingdon Road.
4th Sunday 4:30pm: Euro Session at The White House, Abingdon Road.
4th Monday 8pm: English(ish) at the Half Moon.

Hope to see you on Sunday!
Best wishes,

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