It’s bandcamp Friday again!

Bandcamp Friday is an opportunity to support your favourite musicians by buying their music with no agents’ fees:

Can I particularly recommend Jane Griffiths (of the Owl Light Trio) (
who has made this website possible with her help in transcribing tunes and advice
and also Jon Fletcher ( who has provided the chords for the tunes.

See also other artists who have either written or arranged a tune that has appeared here:

Mike Vass (composer of Cavers of Kirkcudbright)
Alasdair Fraser (unfortunately haven’t found his albums recorded with Natlalie Haas here) but you can see more on their website
Martin Hayes (only with Brooklyn Rider on Bandcamp but fine recordings of Hole in the Hedge and Butterfly) (but see play-along videos on his website:
Michael McGoldrick (Farewell to Whalley Range)
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan (see Pearl Wedding)
Sam Sweeney (and his old band Kerfuffle which are not on Bandcamp but his new recordings are here)
Spiro (see You’ve been a Long Time Away Willie Gray)

And others who have inspired us (who I can find on Bandcamp):
Crooked Still
Three Kane Whale
Kevin Burke
Anna Massie
Mairearad Green
and together:
Sarah Jane Summers

The Bandcamp sale ends at midnight Pacific time, which I think is 8am on Saturday.


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