Added The Orphan Jig and hoping for no rain on Sunday…

I’ve added the Orphan Jig which is a lovely jig played by the Martin Hayes Quartet. I hope you like it too.

And I’m crossing my fingers that the rain stops soon and Oxford dries out a bit for our July session to take place in Grandpont Nature Park (see How to Find us page) and also on Zoom (see link on Tune of the Month page) for those who can’t make it in person.

So keep well and keep practicing! Hope to see you soon in person or via a screen.

2 thoughts on “Added The Orphan Jig and hoping for no rain on Sunday…

  1. Great session at Grandpoint on Sunday lovely playing outside amid the grass flowers and trees in sunshine. Found out later from son who had been on Zoom that they could not hear the announcement of names of tunes to be played which madeit difficult to follow music score! For those of us I the park no problem. Maybe next time someone gets the job of relaying to Zoom friends the tune names?
    Much appreciated sessions! Thanks,

    1. Dear Rosie,
      Please let your son know that if you access the “chat” in Zoom, I write their the names of the tunes we are playing and you can also use the chat to make requests too.
      Best wishes, suke

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