Two tunes added…

Finally now that Finale songwriter is working again (phew), I can quit struggling with new programmes and spend the time looking for good links to listen to… I have been meaning to post up these two tunes since last summer as they are fun to play (at any speed). I have some more to post too as I try to catch up on the backlog… so hope to post  some more next week…. meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these two:

La Sansonette and

The Hills of Kaitoke


5 thoughts on “Two tunes added…

  1. Hi Suke,

    Many thanks for these.  I’ve tried to access the pdf for La Sansonette, but I think the “Download pdf” link may have its wires crossed a bit as it takes you to the one for the Hills of Kaitoke (as does the one on the page for the Hills of Kaitoke).

    I look forward to playing these two new tunes!


  2. Hi Suke,
    There’s a nice, accessible version of the Hills of Kaitoke on Kitchen Jam Band’s album Unfurled.

  3. Hi Suke,
    I’ve looked but unfortunately it says it’s not available.
    Easily found on Spotify though for those who like streaming.

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